Draft Program : Second International Islamic Retreat Print
Newsflashes - Second International Islamic Retreat
Thursday, 14 Shawwal 1431
Assalaamu 'alaikum,

There have been some requests for an explanation of what the retreat is, as well as the content and format.

In short it is an intensive one week formal program, starting on 21st March, where delegates from all over the world (and locals of course) stay together for a week and discuss and deliberate on topics relevant to Muslims in the Modern Age. There are private, registration only programs from 10am to 6pm, then public programs after Mahrieb and Eshaa and on Weekends. You will get to meet and interact with like minded people form all over the world as well as learned Ulema in various fields of knowledge. Your $40 registration fee covers your accomodation, transfers from airport and meals for the first week.

We will have focus days insha Allah where we will spend a day on, for example, Islam and money, Muslim Village, Islamic Spirituality etc. In the Muslim village program we intend to bring in practical courses in sandbag building, solar power, solar water heating, zero waste farming methods etc.
There will also be an open forum session where delegates can make presentations and a Public Dialogue with a Christian priest on the topic "The Return of Jesus (a.s) and the Holy State of Israel"
All programs will be conducted on the retreat site which is near the beach in Cape Town, South Africa. The proceedings will be recorded and selected videos will be released after the completion of the retreat.
The second week is an informal program where we have more intimate learning time with the Ulema attending along with tours and informal programs, this week is entirely optional and runs from Mon 28th March to Fri 1st April. This program is for your own expense but we will try ot keep it to around $200 for the entire week, including shared accomodation and meals.
Draft Program - SIIR2011

Ml. Imran N Hosein -
Special session on Dajjal as well as Dreams in Islam.
Jerusalem in the Quran
Islam and Feminism
Gog and Magog
Islam and Money
Islam and the Political Order
Surah Kahf in the Modern Age.
Imam Mahdie and the Return of the Khilafat
Marriage in Islam
Global Islamic Spirituality for the Modern Age.

Imam Afroz Ali (Australia - Al Ghazalli Institute) - The heart of the Muslim Village

Lessons from the Seerah- The Makkan–Madinan Model
Lessons from Imam al-Ghazzali’s “Marvels of the Heart”- Practical Spirituality
Lessons from the Prophet- Founding a Community on Compassion

Prof Abul Fadl Mohsin Ebrahim (University KZN - Islamic Medical Ethics, Graduate of Alemiyah Institute)
Islamic view on Surrogacy, Abortion and Adoption

Moulana Ali Mustafa Seinpal (As Salaam, KZN, Graduate of Aleemiyah Institute)
topic to be announced.

Prof Mohammad Tariq Kahn (CPUT - Energy and Sustainability Centre, South Africa)
Fiqh of Governance
Islam and Money
Hasbullah Shafi'iy (Al Munowar/ Globalia Think tank, Singapore)
Implementation of Dinar and Dirham in Indonesia, a case study.
Imam Irshaad Soofi Siddique (Pietermaritzburg Central Mosque, South Africa)
Attack on the spiritual Heart
Status of the Messenger

Sh Ismail Ngumane (Islamic Centre, Gugulethu, South Africa)
Amirate - Islamic leadership and its application in democratic societies.

Fahri Hassan (MSc UCT , Microbiology; SAFEAGE, South Africa)
Genetic engineering and corruption of food.

Dr Yusuf Patel (MbChb Stellenbosch, South Africa)
Challenges facing Muslim Youth.
The role of food as medicine

Moulana Shahul Hameed Malabari (Director, Islamic Educational Board, India)
Creed of A Muslim - Challenges to belief in the Modern Age.