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Newsflashes - Second International Islamic Retreat
Thursday, 03 Sha'ban 1431

Assalaamu 'alaikum!

Alhamdulillah registrations for the Second International Islamic Retreat have been coming in at a steady pace.

Please note the following:

1) If you require a VISA for South Africa and need an invitation letter, please first complete you retreat application form on receipt of which we will issue the letter.

2) If you intend attending the retreat but have not finalised your travel arrangements, please still register as it helps us with the planning. You can always contact us closer to the time, once your travel arrangements have been made.

3) Registration is on a first come, first served basis.

4) Registration fee of US$40 (if you can afford it) includes only airport transfers, attendance, meals and hostel accomodation. You have to pay for your own flights. Check with your local carrier for special offers. Note that it may work out cheaper to fly to Johannesburg (Oliver Tambo international airport) and then take a budget flight to Cape Town.

Budget carriers in South Africa -,,
Regular Rate carriers are : and

5) We will contact you with particulars for making payment when they are available.

6) A paypal donations button will be available in next week for those who wish to contribute to the costs of conducting the retreat, we pray that Allah grant you barakah in your sustenance and that He accepts your efforts for His deen, Ameen!