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Teachers, Colleagues and Student Websites

Some of the teachers, colleagues and students of Imran N Hosein

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1   Link   Shaykh Dr Fazlur Rahmaan Ansari
Dr Maulana Fazlur Rahman Ansari (ra) was an outstanding theologian & philosopher of the Muslim World. His broad knowledge of the modern sciences together with his Islamic learning and insight enabled him to expound on Islam in a manner that was inspiring to both the masses and the intellectual elite.

This website is dedicated to the life & work of one of the greatest teachers of the previous century. His words are as relevant today, as they were the day he spoke them.
2   Link   Shaykh Ali Mustafa Seinpaal
Sheikh Ali Mustafa Seinpaal hails from Suriname, South America, a former Dutch Colony; from a Christian, religious family. Sheikh Mustafa embraced Islam in 1966. After meeting Maulana Dr. Fazlur-Rahman Ansari (r.a) in 1969 in Suriname, he went to study at the Aleemiyah Institute of Islamic Studies at Karachi.

Sheikh Mustafa graduated from the Aleemiyah Institute in 1974, the same year Dr. Ansari passed away. He obtained the Alim Degree: AD-DARAJAT AL-IJAZAH AL-ALIYAH. Subsequently he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Arts at the University of Karachi majoring in Political Science, Natural Science, English and Arabic. Sheikh Mustafa is also Hafizul-Qur’an and has mastered the Arabic language, Urdu and English. His mother tongue is Dutch and he also studied Spanish and Germany.

Sheikh Mustafa traveled around the world and served in Botswana (10-years), Suriname, the United States (New York, New Jersey), Europe (the Netherlands), Trinidad & Tobago and Pakistan. Recently he came from Durban after serving at the Assalaam Institute for 18-months.



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