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1 How do we combat Riba? Imran N. Hosein 14030
2 I Can Not Afford To Buy A Car Or House Without Asking The Bank, How Do I Escape Riba? Imran N. Hosein 16961
3 Why do you say, Murabaha of Islamic Banks is back door Riba? Imran N. Hosein 16680
4 What is the 'intrinsic' value of Gold? Imran Nazar Hosein 8850
5 Would Allah still punish us for Ribah even though the whole world is engulfed in it? Imran Nazar Hosein 9020
6 To what extent should we remove paper money from our lives? Imran Nazar Hosein 10056
7 Can muslims print paper to use as fulus/small change? Imran Nazar Hosein 6747
8 I bought a home on mortgage from the bank for business purposes. What should I do? Imam Afroz Ali 7290
9 How will inflation be prevented in an Islamic market using Sunnah money? Imran Nazar Hosein 9491
10 I work in a bank. Should I quit my job? Imam Afroz Ali 10954
11 I am getting a fixed return (fixed profit) from my business. Is this haraam? Imran Nazar Hosein 7582
12 What payment options (e.g. credit cards) are permissible if I am selling products on a website? Imam Afroz Ali 21740
13 What percentage of currency should we invest in gold/silver to protect our wealth? Imran Nazar Hosein 9138
14 As an accountant, I record and supervise business transactions, some including Riba. Is this haraam? Imran Nazar Hosein 7002
15 Is it Riba to earn points from a "reward card" at the supermarket and redeem them for gifts? Imran Nazar Hosein 7369
16 The Hadith says that only gold/silver would be beneficial. Is it worthless to own or purchase land? Imran Nazar Hosein 11116



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