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Thursday, 15 Muharram 1434

Assalaamu 'alaikum!

This is the first time I am ever addressing a message to the Muslim community of Mauritius and it brings tremors to my heart as I recall those eminent scholars who came before me and in whose blessed footsteps I have been previleged to travel.

May Allah bless them, my teacher of blessed memory - Maulana Dr Muhammad Fadlur Rahman Ansari (rahimahullah) - and his teacher of blessed memory - Maulana Muhammad Abdul Aleem Siddiqui (rahimahullah). Ameen!

The leader of the Muslim community of my native Trinidad and Tobago travelled to India in 1935 to personally invite Maulana Siddiqui to visit Trinidad. The Muslims of of Trinidad and Tobago had to wait for 15 years before the Maulana finally arrived. This was because of great changes taking place in India and in the world. Pakistan finally came into being in 1947 and the Maulana and his entire family had to make Hijrah from India to Pakistan.

We now live in a similar age in which monstrously evil changes are taking place in the world and I have a responsibility to explain and to guide those around the world who turn to me for guidance. Their numbers are growing daily. I also have to constantly postpone travel for security considerations.

My proposed first-ever visit to Mauritius does not entail a simple flight from Malaysia to Mauritius and back to Malaysia. Rather there are several other countries to be visited after the visit to Mauritius. As a consequence it has been quite difficult for me to remain with a fixed schedule for these visits.

I expect great wars to commence soon - and these wars will not only affect Muslims world-wide, but also affect my freedom to travel. As a consequence I have postponed travel to Egypt, Bangladesh and Pakistan, and I am postponing travel to Mauritius which was scheduled for December. I do hope that the visit to Mauritius will take place with a few months from now Insha Allah.

Do please be patient with me, and keep making Duah to Allah Most Kind, to make it possible for this first-ever visit to Mauritius to take place. Ameen!

Before I arrive, you have homework to do, and that is to read and study my books which have already been shipped to Mauritius.

with love,

Imran N. Hosein





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