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Tuesday, 01 Safar 1433

Assalaamu 'alaikum!

My wife and I are now in Yogyakarta in Indonesia on an Islamic lecture-tour, and hence it is difficult to write at length.

I have received tons of emails - particularly from Pakistanis - concerning Ghazwah al-Hind.

My response has been that I am unable to assess the authenticity of the Ahadith. But I have also expressed the view that if an End-time Muslim army is to conquer Hind (assuming that Hind refers to modern-day India alone) then that Muslim army of Mujahideen cannot be the Pakistan Armed Forces which for the last ten years (at least) have been led by men who have betrayed Allah and His Messenger and the innocent Muslims of Afghanistan while joining in the American-led so-called war on terror (a euphamism for war on Islam).

No one needs to inform me that there are many good Muslims in the ranks of the Pakistan Armed Forces. I know of that, and indeed some of them are my students.

The fact remains however, that the Pakistan Armed Forces, led by Pakistani Zionists, have SHAMELESSLY and CRIMINALLY assisted and supported NATO in the unjust military occupation of Afghanistan and the slaughter of innocent Pakistanis as well. If Pakistanis could do so today, they would lynch those traitors.

I denounce traitors, and I keep my distance from those who beat drums on their behalf.

If Pakistan is attacked by NATO, it is my intention Insha Allah, to travel myself to Pakistan and to stand by my Muslim brothers and sisters in their moment of greatest danger.

with love from Yogyakarta in Indonesia.

Imran N. Hosein 



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