The Strategic Significance of the Fast of Ramadaan, the Isra' and the Mi'raj Print
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Sunday, 02 Ramadaan 1430

This booklet, on the subject of fasting in Islam, comprises four sections. In the first section we discuss the basic objective of the institution of fasting in Islam as one of the development of 'values'. We argue the point that values are an indispensable foundation of 'power' . In the second section we seek to explain the linkages which exist between fasting, on the one hand, and such specific values as charity, chastity, and freedom, on the other. In the third section there is an attempt to demonstrate a certain chronological sequence through which the compulsory fast in Islam can lead the believer to spiritual or religious experiencse. We then proceed to demonstrate the link which must always exist between moral and spiritual values, or between morality and religion and, hence, between religion and power. And finally, in the fourth section we examine the effect of fasting on the physical body and on physical health. Physical health and strength are a vital requirement, materially and psychologically, for the development of power.


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