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Saturday, 28 Dhul-Hijjah 1429
One of  the signs of  the  last age,  i.e., before  the end of  the world,  is  the absence of knowledge (of Truth and,  therefore of  Islam).   Our widespread  ignorance of  the  subject of  ‘Dreams’ and  the  important place which ‘Dreams’ occupy in Islam, (as well as the widespread ignorance of the subject of the Prohibition of Riba in Islam), is yet another indication that the last age has arrived!  I was myself largely ignorant of the subject and, as a consequence, Satan attacked me through dreams for ten long miserable years.  I did not have the basic knowledge of the subject that the reader can now easily obtain by reading this booklet, and which  could  have  protected me  from  those  dangerous  attacks  and  from  the  grievous  damage  that  they inflicted on me and my family...

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